Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jessica Cornish

      I thought for this weeks Jessica Cornish magic. We might take a look at some of her own uploaded videos! One of my favorites would have to be singing Domino while on holidays in Thailand! Just love how its all so natural. Just young girls having fun!

Domino on Holiday in Thailand

She obviously loved listening to Whitney Houston as a child. There is a couple of Whitney covers that she has uploaded so I thought we might have a listen to I Have Nothing!

I Have Nothing 

      I think Big White Room that she does in her LA bathroom would be another great piece of Jessie J magic we can take a look at! A song she wrote when she was seventeen about a childhood experience in the Great Ormond Street Hospital. She was eleven at the time. Jessie recalling the incident in an interview. I woke up in the middle of the night to see this little boy in an adjacent bed praying, and my mother explaining that he was having an operation the next day and was asking God to save him. Jessie continued: "He died the next day so I said to my mum 'but God didn't save him'. I was so angry and it really confused me. It had a strong effect on her so she put the experience into a song!

Big White Room

She went back to Great Ormond Street for the Comedy Gala Charity Show.
Great Ormond Street Childrens Charity Blog

Great Ormond Street Hospital

A Jessie J composition that did'nt make Who You Are performing it in her LA Bathroom.

Britains Next Top Model Mama Knows Best

While we are on the Catwalk theme I thought we would check out the magic of Jessie J on the Catwalk with her performance of Mama Knows Best in Britains Next Top Model.

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