Friday, July 20, 2012

Jessie J Singing with Others

     I thought we would check out Jessie J performing with other artists this week. The UK Voice gave her plenty of opportunities so we will have a look at her performances with Will I Am, Danny O'donoghue and Tom Jones also the performance of Nobody's Perfect with Team Jessie member Vince Kidd. She really gave the performance with Vince her best shot. You know many thought she was showing off but I really believed she was trying to give it her best in wanting her new friend and team member Vince to win. It was probably not the right choice of song but hey, Nobody's Perfect and I really believe her heart was with Vince and even Vince has said it was a dream come true to sing with Jessie.

UK Voice judges Mash Up

Nobody's Perfect Jessie J and Vince Kidd

     Our next clip is her hit with James Morrison on his compostion, Up. I think even though this has only been a success in the UK. There is hit potential for other parts of the globe with this! The two of them sound great together! In my opinion this is where Jessie has the edge on other artists. I think James is limited to the ballad side of music but as Jessie keeps saying her music is eclectic and I think she can produce super quality ballads,pop,jazz,rhythm and blues or dance music. What ever she chooses.

Up James Morrison and Jessie J

     For our final clips this week I want to diverse to the unreleased and tv show side of Jess's career so far. Love the Knock on Wood clip from the Diva's Show with Jennifer Hudson and I have read this again about people not liking her endings because they felt she was trying to impress. Well in my opinion this is not so. She is being herself. She does this sort of ending all the time. She just let's herself go and what you see and hear is the end result and I love it. I just hope she keeps doing it and does'nt change. I am sure she won't! 
     We will take a look at a younger Jess performing with Amplify Dot on Sweetest Feeling. To end it  we will check out Mockingbird by her and her close friend from the Voice Tom Jones. You can see how much they admire each other here and in the last clip of I Gotta Feeling, the first time Tom performed with Jessie. I always smile at the look of amazement on Tom's face with Jessies vocals. The woooh! look on his face! He is impressed!

Mockingbird Tom Jones and Jessie J

Please click on the links below for both Knock on Wood and Sweetest Thing

Sweetest Thing Jessie J and Amplify Dot

I Gotta Feeling UK Voice 

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