Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet The Band

      I thought we might take a close look this week at Jessie's amazing band and the respect they have for each other! This is a part of what makes Jessie's stage show so awesome. The charisma that is Jessie J and the connection she makes with people whether it be her band members or fans in the crowd.

We will start off with Hannah Vasanth a super talented lady on keyboards. Who loves her Jazz! Hannah has performed on tour with Rihanna and Anastacia but she is now tied to the Jessie J show and you can see the respect and love both her and Jess have for each other!
  Keyboard Player, Producer and Songwriter Hannah Vasanth  Born to South Indian parents, raised  in Berlin. She attended an American school before moving to London.Where she completed her Bachelors in Jazz Performance at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music

  Second up is the bass played Phil Simmonds,who Jessie has a lot of fun with on stage. Phil comes across as the larrakin in the band! Him and Jessies playing around together gives the whole show a great fun feeling! 

    On lead guitar is the other sidekick Lewie Allen. Him and Jess have a great connection, musically and you often get a feeling there is more than music in there eyes! Lol! 

   Then we have Ginger Hamilton, the drummer boy. Gee he certainly gives those drums a heavy beat. He looks a strong guy and in the drum solo to Do It Like A Dude, you will see what I mean.
   Lastly we come to the backup singers Cherise Voncelle and Phebe Edwards. Cherri V as she is known was support for Jess early in her concert appearances and they actually go back to the early days together. When Jess was performing in Soul Deep. Cherri actually has a new EP coming out this week. Its titled Good Mourning Madame Rouge.

   Phebe Edwards is also quite a talent and has performed with James Brown just before his passing and I thought we would post her singing Respect which is what all these band members seem to have for each other. On and off stage! When it come to choosing a band intro. It was a difficult choice but in the end I went with the jazzy Cancer Trust one over the fun Singapore Mama Knows Best!The video quality is not as good on the cancer trust but I loved the jazz feel to it! You may want to skip to the bottom of the page and watch the fun Singapore clip! Heaps better quality!  Both are super! Anyway here is Jessie Jazzhands with her band intro! Meet the Band!

  Band intros and Mama Knows Best Cancer Trust

Hannah Vasanthe Interview Part 3 Preparing for a Concert
 Part 1 
Hannah Vasanthe 

The Shakerman Ginger Hamilton  

Ginger Hamilton Do It Like A Dude London Drum Show

Cherri V Greedy Eyes 

Respect Phebe Edwards 

Phil Simmonds Jammin

Mama Knows Best Band Intros Singapore

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