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Sunday, October 13, 2013


  Our first thing on the Jessie J agenda this week is a look at the Itunes festival. Her first concert with a lot of her new recordings performed live for the first time ! She has stated this was not the treatment for her upcoming Alive tour ! She has been working on it for the past week and I am anxiously waiting for the first look at the show. Which commences in Belfast on the 15th of October. I thought it would be interesting to review the prelude to it . The Itune concert was a super show ! The set commencing with Price Tag, not overly enthusiastic about this version but Jess is always trying something different. It was followed by Sexy Lady. She was a little shaky on this her first performance of the song but warmed nicely into it. In the end it was quite an energetic song, one she can definately improve on. An awesome version of Nobody's Perfect followed.There was an excellent version of Thunder and i can see this becoming a highlight song for the tour. A song that really shows off her vocals. Square One was then performed into a couple of dance covers.At 29.45 minute mark comes my favorite part of the concert. Her chat just before performing Daydreaming. Love the Arhhh and you can she how much she enjoyed performing this song! She says its her favorite off of Alive ! This leads into one of my personal favorites off the album and with Conquer The World she brings on stage, Brandy for an awesome duet!
    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing/Who You Are medley blend in quite well. At the end of the song she heads off to change her heels for some runners because of her sore ankle! When she comes back the show really livens up with Excuse My Rude ,Wild and of course there is the brilliant Laserlight. Absolutely love Jess live performances of this and Domino always gets everyone charged. She finishes an awesome show with Alive. A little bit of a lull at the finish. I have a feeling there could be a few changes made to the set for her upcoming tours but overall I think we are in for some Jessie J magic !
Here is that awesome concert check it out !

Jessie J Christmas

Do You Hear What I Hear duet with Mary J Blige
from Mary Christmas Mary J Blige Christmas release October 15th

For the conclusion this week we might take a look at my favorites from Jessie's album Alive.
I find it quite interesting how this album is not going to be released in the USA until later this year because Universal music people deemed it not good enough for the USA market. Jessie has stated that she was wanting it released there at the same time as the rest of the world. Oh well that's politics for you. Never mind bonus tracks are greatly appreciated. Included on the USA version is going to be songs Jessie wrote with Pharrel specifically for the US market. There is rumours that the song Calling All Hearts may also be included on it even though Jessie has stated this song recorded with Robin Thicke and D.J.Cassidy was supposed to be the lead single for his new album. We will just have to wait and see !

I Miss Her 
Written by Jess about her Grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimers. But i think it could connect with people for various reasons.

There's an energy pulling me to you !

Square One 
Thought we add this one for our trivia heartbeats.
The mans voice is none other than Jessie herself !

Sexy Lady
This song off the album has had a busy schedule even before release. It appeared on the Boots No 7 makeup advert in the UK. And has already made it into the top twenty of the UK Itunes charts without being officially a single! 

In conclusion ! I feel Alive is quite a good album. Tracks like Conquer The World,Thunder,Gold and Sexy Lady all possible successful singles.If I was purchasing it I would definately go the deluxe version as it has one of my all time favorite Jessie tracks Magnetic written for the Mortal Instruments City of Bones soundtrack but strangely not included. Why beats me ! It also has Hero arguably one of the best off of The Kickass 2 soundtrack and also Unite written in partnership with Sia . We have plenty to look forward to on the Jessie J front.Calling All Hearts single,more tracks on the upcoming USA release of Alive and the best of all more of Jessie live where she shines like a beacon ! Cheers till next time.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Upcoming Jessie Releases

    Its been awhile since I posted anything on Jessie . Must admit was'nt to taken in by her opening single from her yet to be named sophomore album titled Wild but since then there has been a promising list of songs which have seen the light of day. My favorite has to be Magnetic a song from the upcoming movie Mortal Instruments City of Bones ! Surely this has to be released as a single. This could be the song to break her in the USA in my opinion!

     When her mom is attacked and taken from their home in New York City by a demon, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl, Clary Fray, finds out truths about her past and bloodline on her quest to get her back, that changes her entire life.

 Lily Collins has been cast as Clary. Jamie Campbell-Bower has been cast as Jace. Robert Sheehan has been cast as Simon

 Take me to a place I know
Anywhere that feels like home
Somewhere that if I let go
Someone's gonna catch my soul

 Our next song brought to light is another movie song. This time from the Kickass 2 soundtrack. The movie opens on the 24th of August and I'm sure Jess's song Hero will be well received!

I don't need no hero! "I can save myself, no hero"

The last two songs on our playlist from Jessie this month are Excuse My Rude and Its My Party . Her latest single Its My Party is catchy but I can see it wearing a bit thin after a few listens but there are better songs from the upcoming album. Square One and Excuse My Rude both sound good.
These are two good songs in my opinion and after being a little disappointed in her single releases I see a lot of promise for the future! I have a sneaky feeling Jessie pushed to have Its My Party released for a reason. The lyrics on the Miley Cyrus song We Cant Stop are too close to be coincidental.  Must say I quite enjoyed the music video for Its My Party. Its your party Jess do what you want! 

Excuse My Rude 

Its My Party


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Latest News on Jessie J

What's been happening with Jessie J over the past couple of months. Finally some news of upcoming events, releases and TV shows! This week is her scheduled haircut for Red Nose Day so bald headed  Jessie is what we are in for over the next month! She has the prerecorded UK Voice shows coming at the end of this month and finally some upcoming concerts! There is one other big piece of news and that is her second album has been completed and we can expect and single release any day now! At Last some new music from the beautiful Jessica Cornish. That is where we will start this post with her singing At Last prior to her final recording studio appearance for her new album.

At Last  
Jessie Playing around in the Studio 

Our second clip is something that surfaced about 6 weeks ago
Jessie J at 15 winning the best young British Pop Singer 2003 award presented by the late Robin Gibb.

Jess at 15 singing Get Here

UK Voice returns on March 30th

UK Voice Series 2 Jessie J 

Jessie J Red Nose Day Head Shave March 15th

Jessie J waxing Danny O'donoghue's chest from the Script for Red Nose Day!