Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hackney Weekend

      This week Jessie started her mini Europe tour at the Hackney Weekend with some super performances.I absolutely love watching her everytime she performs Domino. That song brings out the fun side and the amazing vocal abilities of Jessica Cornish. Absolutely love it! The way she brings the crowd into the song as well is brilliant.
      It was the main highlight for me but there were more as she performed Price Tag for only the second time with BOB and I must say it came across excellently! I love the way she works  her music and performances. Each time I see her perform she seems to be growing in confidence! Makes me think of this line from Who's Laughing Now. Thank you for the pain you made me raise my game. And I'm still rising,I'm still rising. Jessie J's star is definately still rising. She did a super performance of this on the Saturday at Hackney so I'm going to make that our first bit of magic for this week. Click on the link below !

Our second clip is the Sundays performance of Domino. I originally thought Saturdays performance outshone Sundays but WOW her Domino performance on Sunday was excellent!  

Domino A Musical Adventure  

 Price Tag with BOB

Hackney Interview 

Never Too Much/Abracadabra Sunday Hackney

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