Wednesday, June 6, 2012

UK Voice Final and Diamond Jubilee

     London was buzzing this week with the Queens Diamond Jubilee and UK Voice final so Jessica Cornish's week was a really productive one. There were two super performances on the voice. The first and highlight of the week for me was the coaches mash up of their hits. Absolutely loved this with all artists putting in super performances. The four minutes was such an enjoyable watch. Jessie got things rolling with Tom's Its Not Unusual and  when she passes the baton to Tom the look on Toms face says it all . That's perfection I'm sure was going through his mind. I have to comment on the connection between these two, their friendship and love for each other just lights up on their faces!  Then came  Will I Am & Jess with their lefts and rights during Price Tag . Will is such a relaxed, cool customer and Jess is such a fun character. I smile every time at their facial expressions and quirkiness. Then Wills dance on the spot,when he says c'mon to Jess,makes me laugh add in his cheshire cat smile.Just Love it! 

 Uk Voice Coaches Mash Up

        Our second clip from the voice is Jess and Vince's duet of Nobody's Perfect. Another A1 performance and I thought Vince did a fantastic job not to be overshadowed by Jess. I thought it was sung really well by the two of them. The only criticism I could have is I think Jess may have been trying a little too hard. She probably was wanting to make it a super performance to get Vince through.

 Nobody's Perfect Jessie J and Vince Kidd

   The Queens Jubilee sees another flawless Domino performance. You can tell she absolutely loves this song and so do I. It is a clever,fun,well written song which gets everyone in a party mood. She really plays around with it and as she has said in the past she feels like exploding at the end of Domino. Love Domino and love the amazing Jessie J.
Domino Queens Diamond Jubilee

     At the jubilee she also did I Gotta feeling/This Is Love with Will I Am not a bad performance but I think being her second shot at these with no warm up and being Wills songs she just was'nt quite there vocally for her! Loved the performance by them though. To finish up I thought we might look forward to this weekend and the Summertime Ball. Where Jess has already revealed that there is going to be a few fresh songs and collaborations. Which I will be anxiously waiting for the you tube postings of this concert so anyone going please record these and post. Anyone's guess what these may be. I know she is supposed to be collaborating with Ed Sheeran and he will be there as will Katy Perry also she has recorded something with Cee Lo Green back in early April but he is not going to be there. Another possibility is Professor Green and then an interesting possibility is her ex girlfriend  Kira who performed Sweetest Thing with her in 2009 was apparently spotted at the UK Voice final show. My last two clips this week are the interview with Capitol FM about the Summertime Ball and Sweetest Thing Jessie J ft Amplify Dot .

Capitol FM interview At 3.30 talks about the Summertime Ball

Sweetest Thing Jessie J ft Amplify Dot

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