Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jessie J and the TV Shows

       This week I thought we would look at Television and Jessie J with all the talk and speculation around the UK voice. In my opinion I think Jessie made a wrong move by signing up for the Voice. I was reading a comment by a USA fan the other day which went something like this. What is her management doing signing her up for that show when she could be doing live shows in America or finishing her second album and I have to agree. I think Jessie made the decision on her desire to help people. Honourable move but not necessary the right one because she is so early in her career, she is barely established herself! There is definate signs that she wont be back for the UK Voice second series even if there is one. Doubling her salary definately won't cut it for Jess. She has already put in place a UK tour around the next filming of the Voice so i think there is strong signs she won't be back and I think that will mean her co judge and close friend Tom Jones won't be returning either!
     Now got the UK voice business out of the way. Let's take a look at some of Jess's super performance on TV shows from around the world!

Mama Knows Best 
Britains Got Talent

Domino German TV New Pop Festival
First time Jessie J performed Domino Live! 

     I want to make music. Thats my way of putting a bit of good into this world. I am not a superhero,I can't cure diseases,I can't save people but I can write music that can heal inside and can help people.
 Who You Are 
German TV 

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