Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Truth ! Stomp Stomp I've Arrived !

        Getting to know how the Jessie J magic came about! Searching out the inside story of the amazing Jessica Cornish and understanding what makes the person she is. The history behind the superstar. How she writes her music and looking at the humour,honesty and flaws of this amazing artist/performer!I am glad they did'nt leave you on the shelf Jessie J, the world would have missed out on one truly amazing artist. Just a tip from me to the people who may read this. Get yourself to a Jessie J concert to really experience the magic, you won't forget it! Energy Live in Berlin concert will finish this post!

The Arjan interview December 2010

 New Music Live Interview Toronto Canada

Alan Carr Interview 

Jessie and her musical influences. Whitney Houston was the artist that made her want to become a singer. The writing of her new music and what is influencing that album.

 Energy Live Berlin

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