Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jessica Cornish and her week!

     Let's look at the amazing Jessie j's week. She started it off in China with a very uncomfortable promotional visit for the Mercedes Benz Motor Show.Performing Domino in front of an audience of business people. They were calling her a fresh avant garde artsit! That's exactly what she is! A new clip of the making of the Laserlight video clip also surfaced this week and she discusses the thoughts behind the writing of the song and the video itself here.

     Later in the week she arrived back in the UK with the news that Laserlight was sitting at 5 on the charts and she had become the first UK artist to have 6 recordings taken off one album to have reached the top ten.She tweeted how stoked she was.No time for rest but its straight into the Voice live shows for her so thought we would have a look at the performance of Beautiful Day done by the four coaches to lead the show off.

I also want to look at another unreleased track unsure of when this was done but it was posted on April 6th while she was in LA laying down some new tracks one being with the US Voice coach Cee Lo Green who tweeted that he wanted to plug into Jessie like they did in Avatar referring to her energy. Its a very different and interesting track.Just had an update on this track it is an old track.There is a live version on You tube from 2008 so it must have been written in her teen years! I suppose as she said she has written over 600 songs so more are sure to surface in the future.

                       Sweetest Thing Jessie J ft Amplify Dot

Highlights of Jessie J and the battle rounds!

Absolutely love Jessie's humour and the funny faces she pulls on the Voice so thought we might give you all some more of the beautiful Jessie's funny faces!

                                        Jessie J and her Funny Faces 


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