Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Discovering the music and life of Jessica Cornish

      Lets take a discovery tour of the Jessie J world by starting with a couple of songs. The first is Big White Room which was written after she had a stint in hospital at eleven.While she was there she met a young boy who had been stuck in hospital with a serious heart problem requiring an operation which he never came through. This was one of her first songs she composed. Our second song is L.O.V.E written for an ex girlfriend with lines like, You said you missed me and called me milky and See love doesn't choose a boy or a girl, nope,When I met you, you hugged my heart and filled my world.

Just this week at the Teenage Cancer Trust she introduced her band members during Mama Knows Best so we will include that clip as well. We will also take a look at some interesting and funny interviews. The One Show interview from yesterday and the other one from last year I wanted to include to show the humorous side of Jessica Cornish.

The Big White Room


Mama Knows Best and Band introductions

The One Show March 30th 2012

Alan Carr Interview

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