Thursday, October 14, 2010

Picture This The Beautiful Deborah Harry

   Born in 1945 in Florida, Deborah Harry was adopted at about three months of age by Richard and Catherine Harry. She was raised in New Jersey, where as a teenager she said of herself "I used to dress in black every day and pretend to be tough"  
    She spent most of her twenties working odd jobs as a secretary, cocktail waitress and Playboy bunny, while rubbing shoulders with the Warhol set.
In October 1973 Harry began both a musical and personal relationship with Chris Stein. Together, Deborah and Chris formed Blondie. The name of the band Debbie said she got the idea from the lurid shouts of passing truck drivers "Come on Blondie, give us a screw!"

Deborah Harry Interview

It was only in Australia they succeeded to begin with and in 1976 the song In The Flesh became a number one hit in that country.Internationally Blondie battled for success for another year or so until late in 1977, 'Denis' reached number two in the British charts. 'Heart of Glass' was Blondie's first worldwide hit, reaching number one in both America and Britain.   
Sunday Girl

    Harry's glamorous platinum blonde looks, keen wit and creative musical style propelled Blondie to mega stardom, and the group had several number one hits, including 'Call Me', 'The Tide is High', and 'Rapture'.

Call Me

   Today the 64-year-old Blondie vocalist said she would still like to wear revealing clothes when performing, but although she recognises she should dress more for her age, doesn't feel comfortable wearing suits onstage.
She said "For me, performance is about forgetting what I'm wearing. Just putting it on and knowing it's right. I'd like to wear hot pants  honest, guys, I really would  but those days are gone.
"I had someone say to me, 'You should just wear Chanel suits.' I tried. I wasn't comfortable."

 The singer also said she thinks the internet has ruined the mystique surrounding rock stars, and it is harder to surprise people than her heyday in the late 70s
One Way or Another Live

                                                           Pretty Baby Live


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